FBI Arrests Official Connected To Trump

(FreedomJournal.org)- The FBI has reportedly arrested a former aide from the State Department on charges related to the January 6 Capitol Hill riots dubbed by Democrats as an “insurrection.” The aide is the first known appointee of former President Donald Trump to face prosecution by the new White House over a riot that broke out among far-left and far-right extremists on the day that Congress voted to certify the Electoral College votes.

Federico Klein, a 42-year-old former Trump 2016 campaign worker who later worked at the State Department, was taken into custody in Virginia, according to Samantha Shero, an FBI Washington Field Office spokesperson.

Klein appeared in a photograph on an FBI lookout bulletin issued in February. After two tipsters contacted the agency to inform them that Klein was in the photograph, officers pursued the arrest.

In the photograph, which was taken from a police body camera, Klein can be seen pushing riot shields into doors at the Capitol Building.

Few Republicans would deny that it’s a bad look for the GOP and for President Donald Trump, and every high-profile and elected Republican politician has already denounced the violence that took place at the Capitol Building that day.

Incredibly, an affidavit filed in a Washington federal court also revealed that footage shows Klein encouraging other people to engage with the police.

“We need fresh people, we need fresh people,” Klein can be heard shouting in the clip. He is also seen wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat.

You just know that the Democrats will run with this, as if former President Trump himself had committed the atrocious act.

The Federal Election Commission’s records show that Klein worked on the Trump 2016 campaign team as a tech analyst. He earned $15,000 in the role, before moving on to work for the campaign again in 2017 and earning a further $5,000. A part-time worker for the Trump campaign, he was not specifically known by the former president.

Klein complained about cellblock conditions during a court appearance on Friday.

“I’m wondering if there’s a place I could stay in detention where I don’t have cockroaches crawling over me while I’m trying to sleep,” he said.

“I haven’t really slept all that much, your Honor. It would be nice if between now and Tuesday I could sleep in a place where there are not cockroaches all over.”

Klein has not responded to comment over the arrest, but his mother, Cecilia Klein, said that his politics “burn a little hot.”