FBI Accused Of Making Up Lies About Michael Flynn

(TheFreedomJournal.org)- Now that President Donald Trump is out of office, yet more disturbing revelations about the Russia witch hunt probe are coming to light.

On Sunday, Representative Devin Nunes of California, a Republican ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said that newly declassified FBI documents revealed that a confidential source used by the bureau lies about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in the early stages of the controversial investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The very same investigation that found zero evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to win the election.

“When you go through that it’s frightening,” he told “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News. “Imagine being spied upon by your own government, and then that spy makes up a bunch of lies about everybody…they framed General Flynn.”

Nunes was discussing a new FBI memo released last week. The memo documented an interview with federal investigators and Stefan Halper, a professor and human source for the FBI, in August 2016. The memo revealed how Halper told agents that he witnessed a meeting between General Flynn and Svetlana Lokhava, a Russian-British graduate student at the University of Cambridge in England in 2014.

In May 2017, Lokhava told the BBC that she wasn’t a Russian spy.

“I have no formal or informal connection with Russian intelligence whatsoever,” she said.

Flynn was at Cambridge University in 2014. Then the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn was asked to speak to students. Halper told the FBI that Flynn and Lokhava left the event together and took the same train to London. This report was then leaked to the newspapers in 2017 and reported as accurate.

However, special agent William Barnett of the FBI has not determined that the claims were “not plausible” and more than likely “not accurate.”

Lokhava also told news outlets that she left the event separately, and Flynn also called the allegations “ridiculous.”

On Sunday, Nunes said that the information from the memo should have been given to Congress several years ago when the investigation was taking place.

“We should have seen what they were doing and how they were running spies into the campaign,” he said.

Nunes has long claimed that the government set up Michael Flynn.

If it happened once before…this could happen again.