Extinction Rebellion Dig Up Cambridge University Lawn In Protest

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(FreedomJournal.com) – Extinction Rebellion, those nuisance protestors who hold up traffic in the name of protecting the environment, destroyed some of Cambridge’s natural environment in protest on Monday.

The climate change protestors, armed with shovels and spades, destroyed the lawn oat the historic 16th-century gate at Trinity’s College in England. Digging up the soil and grass, the far-left aggravators planted Extinction Rebellion flags as onlookers watched in amazement.

The incident came as part of a number of demonstrations that have been taking place over the last week. Specifically, the troublemakers and vandals were protesting against the use of fossil fuels. Why that took the form of digging up a lawn, nobody will ever know.

Extinction Rebellion’s Facebook page explained why they committed the crime, saying, “Trinity College must cut ties with fossil fuel companies and stop trying to hawk off nature for profit…Oh, and it should take the opportunity to replace the lawn with flowers. Spring is just around the corner after all.”

What’s wrong with a lovely lawn?

A tweet from the Extinction Rebellion Cambridge account explained in further detail, writing, “Trinity College has invested £9.1m in oil & gas companies, the most of any of the 45 Oxbridge colleges.”

The term “Oxbridge” refers to the colleges within England’s two historic universities, Oxford and Cambridge.

One of the activists who took part in the protest, Derek Langley, told the media that they believed Trinity College should be setting an example.

“The idea that a rich institution like Trinity College, which tells the world it is serious about tackling the crisis, is looking for profit from environmental destruction is quite simply astonishing,” Langley said, after destroying some of the environment himself.

Incredibly, Trinity College just let it happen without calling the police. When asked, the police told the media that Trinity College chose not to make a report about the criminal damage.

Activists soon left the scene of the crime, with wheelbarrows full of mud, and moved on to a nearby branch of Barclays Bank. Here they emptied the contents of the wheelbarrows and spread it across the banking hall.

Activists even chained themselves to an apple tree on the lawn.

Stay classy, Extinction Rebellion.