Doctors Blame COVID For Death Of Man Who FELL OFF A LADDER

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( Ready for the most insane COVID story yet? A construction worker in Croatia who fell off a 10-foot ladder while on the job was logged as a victim of the Chinese coronavirus. Reports suggest that doctors registered the man, who sadly died as a result of the fall, as a COVID death.

Is it any wonder people don’t believe the numbers coming from the hospitals?

According to a report from the Journal of Forensic Pathology, a 51-year-old Croatian man fell off the 10-foot ladder into a yard while building a home. The man suffered bruises and cuts to the head but was declared dead at the scene. An autopsy, however, later found that the man had contracted COVID-19 and that the virus had “indirectly” caused the accident.

Doctors said in the autopsy that the man’s lungs were found to be blocked, leading them to believe that he suffered Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) while working on the ladder. The condition is well established as a product of the Chinese coronavirus and causes people to suffocate if left untreated. However, in this case, the man appeared not to be aware of the condition and is believed to have fallen off the ladder after struggling to breathe.

This was, however, speculation.

“Based on all findings, the death was ruled as natural, caused by COVID-19,” the report claimed.

But…did he?

The presumption that the man died by falling after suffering respiratory distress means that the death has now been registered as a COVID death, which will contribute to the country’s database of deaths. Data like this is used to determine how severe lockdown restrictions could be.

The story has caused discussion online, with people wondering whether similar incidents are happening in Western countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Reports have suggested throughout the year that people who have died of various other conditions in hospitals have been ruled as COVID deaths as their symptoms appeared similar to the ones exhibited by COVID patients.