DNC Rigs Debate Against Gabbard AGAIN, Increases Threshold After She Qualifies

(FreedomJournal.com) – It’s not just Senator Bernie Sanders who has been up against DNC rigging in the primaries. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, the famous anti-war politicians trying to bring the Democratic Party back towards the center, has been routinely denied platforms on major television networks and turned away from debates that she clearly qualified for.

It’s happening again, too. After several candidates dropped out, Gabbard is continuing her campaign and even qualified to appear in the upcoming March debate. Winning a delegate in American Samoa on Super Tuesday means that she has the same right to appear on the debate as frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, but the DNC is set to strip that from her.

Xochitl Hinojosa, the communications director for the Democratic National Committee, tweeted shortly after Gabbard won the delegate that allowed her to qualify that the requirements for debates moving forward would change.

“We have two more debates—of course the threshold will go up,” she said.

Of course? It sounds like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, but at Gabbard remains a candidate and one that has proven she is capable of winning delegates. What argument is there, therefore, to keep her away from the debates?

Other than to make it easier for Joe Biden to sweep up votes and beat Bernie Sanders?

Naturally, the blasé comment enrages Gabbard’s followers who have seen this happen time and time again.

Journalist Alex Rubinstein, just an hour after reporting that Gabbard picked up a delegate in Samoa, tweeted that the DNC planned to exclude her from the next debate.

“Looks like the DNC is intent on excluding Gabbard – a veteran and a woman of color – from the debate in March,” he wrote.

Eoin Higgins also took to the social media platform to suggest that Gabbard has no reason to be loyal to the party and may end up being a better pick for Trump’s VP.

You can bet that the DNC won’t allow Gabbard to make any more significant progress in the race.