Disturbing Hunter Biden Photos Leaked To The Public

(FreedomJournal.com)- Anybody who reads alternative news media outlets is likely to already be aware of Hunter Biden’s escapades with drugs and prostitutes, but the release of new pictures of Hunter Biden half-naked with two women raise yet more questions.

The Gateway Pundit released images taken by Hunter Biden in what appears to be a hotel room in Los Angeles on July 31, 2018. The images feature two women, one who is only in her underwear, and who also appears to look like superstar singer Lady Gaga.

The Pundit revealed how the images were published on Twitter and appear to have been taken from his famed laptop, which he abandoned at a computer repair store in Wilmington, Delaware.

A Twitter account published the photo and asked, “Lady Gaga, is that you?”

Well, it does look a lot like her!

But it probably isn’t.

The Pundit explained how it’s much more likely that the two women, rather than being pop stars, were paid to be there.

“Based on Hunter’s track record, these women were most likely paid to be there,” the outlet explained.

An XR Vision analysis of the photographs failed to match Lady Gaga on body structure when compared to an image of the singer appearing alongside then-candidate Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s hedonism and illegal activity are well documented. After the contents of the abandoned laptop were handed over to the authorities and the New York Post, shocking details of Biden’s drug use were revealed in the form of photographs and videos.

Some videos showed the young Biden engaging in sexual activity with young-looking women while smoking crack cocaine.

Emails also revealed how Hunter Biden was raking in millions of dollars from foreign business deals while his father was vice president.

Is Hunter Biden the most embarrassing “First Son” the United States has ever had to tolerate?