Dianne Feinstein Responds To News Gavin Newsom Wants To Replace Her

(FreedomJournal.org)- California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein had a message for Governor Gavin Newsom: She’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

On Tuesday, Feinstein said she has no plans to leave her term in office early. The 87-year-old’s current term runs through early 2025.

Earlier in the week, Newsom had said he prepared a list of Black women who he’d consider to fill Feinstein’s seat if she were to retire early. Reporters asked Feinstein on the Hill to respond to those comments, and she said: “Please, we’re very good friends. I don’t think he meant that the way some people thought. I mean, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Feinstein said she hadn’t spoken to Newsom after he made the comments, but that their relationship was still “good and strong.”

Asked directly whether she has plans to serve out her entire term, Feinstein replied: “Absolutely. I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Some people have questioned whether Feinstein would do that, or whether she’s eventually step down from her position. Those whispers began when Feinstein decided to step down as the top Democrat serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She made that decision after she received backlash from progressive Democrats over how she handled the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.
Following the hearings, Feinstein congratulated Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, then the chair of the committee, for holding fair procedures. Of course, that angered progressive Democrats, who wanted Feinstein and her colleagues to slam Barrett and the Republicans’ push to confirm her quickly, before President Joe Biden took office.

It wasn’t the first time that Feinstein shrugged off progressive challengers, though. In 2018, when she turned 85, she faced many questions from a progressive challenger about her age. But she held that challenger off to win re-election.

All the hubbub about Feinstein stepping down began this week when Newsom seemed to suggest out of nowhere that he had a list of people he wanted to replace her with. He also conveniently said that list was made up entirely of Black women.

Newsom seemed to be trying to get the support of some powerful Black women in California to support him as he may soon face a recall election.

On Tuesday, he was asked on “The View” on ABC whether he believed Feinstein should step down from her post. He replied:

“Quite the contrary. She’s one of my oldest, closest friends and allies, and I say that literally and not figuratively.”

He also said Feinstein has been an “incredible mentor to me.” He clarified that he made the comments because he was asked what he would do if Feinstein were to retire.

He tried to explain:

“I just answered it honestly and forthrightly. That said, I have no expectation that she’ll be stepping aside. Quite the contrary. I talk to her quite often. She is as lucid and focused and committed to the cause of fighting not only for our state as … senior senator in California, but this nation, in her senior status, as someone who has been in the Senate, with great respect across the aisle as long or longer than most.”