Democrats Chant “I Hope He Dies” Outside Hospital Treating President Trump

( Democrat voters and far-left activists gathered outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday after President Donald Trump was admitted following his COVID-19 diagnosis. Activists waited less than 12 hours before gathering outside the hospital to publicly protest the president, shouting “F*ck Trump!” and “I hope he dies!” outside the buildings.

Far-left activists turned up as supporters of the president gathered peacefully outside the facility, leading prayers and offering a visible sign of support.

Video footage captures the far-left extremists in the act, filming themselves on their smartphones, dancing in the streets in delight about the news.

As Trump supports stood and watched, women continued dancing and chanting, “your president is dying, ahh!”

In that video, far-left activists holding signs that said “Fuck Trump” can be heard saying they hope the president dies.

In another video, a Biden supporter who said she lives in the neighborhood said that she doesn’t care how the president is feeling following his diagnosis.

“We are anti-Trump,” she said. “We’re here to support our family and our people against whatever Trump is for.”

When the woman was told that the president was probably just focusing on getting better, she responded, “we don’t care how he’s feeling.”

The shocking footage is published after a new poll from Politico and Morning Consult showed that some 40% of Democrats are “happy” that President Donald Trump contracted the deadly Chinese coronavirus. The poll, released on Friday, asked 905 registered voters how they felt about the news, with a further 41% of Democrats saying that they were “indifferent” about the news.

It shows just how polarized the United States has become when the Democratic Party has gained the support of far-left activists who might be happy to see someone they disagree with die.