Democratic National Convention Pushed To August Because Of Coronavirus Spread

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders will have to wait at least one extra month to be officially named the Democratic nominee for president.

On Thursday, the Democratic National Convention was pushed back from July to August as the coronavirus spread gets more serious throughout the country. The convention will not take place during the week of August 17, according to the DNC Convention Committee to provide officials “more time to determine the most appropriate structure for this historic event.”

In a release, Joe Solmonese, the DNC Convention Committee’s CEO, said:

“In our current climate of uncertainty, we believe the smartest approach is to take additional time to monitor how this situation unfolds so we can best position our party for a safe and successful convention. I have always believed that American innovation and ingenuity shine brightest during our darkest days, and for that reason, I’m confident our convention planning team and our partners will find a way to deliver a convention in Milwaukee this summer that places our Democratic nominee on the path to victory in November.”

The official move of the convention comes as more than 12 states and territories have delayed their primary elections because of the coronavirus spread. Some states have even moved to mail-in ballots only for their primaries.

In addition, Biden — the frontrunner for the nomination at this point — said this week that he wouldn’t be shocked if the convention were moved back.

Responding to a reporter’s question about whether Biden could see the convention remaining in July, he said:

“It’s hard to envision that. We ought to be able — we were able to do it in the middle of the Civil War all the way through to World War II — have Democratic and Republican conventions and primaries and elections and still have public safety. And we’re able to do both. But the fact is that may have to be different.”

The last primary election was held on March 17. Biden has a commanding lead over Sanders at this point, but the latter hasn’t officially indicated that he is dropping out of the race just yet. If and when he does so, the DNC will become just a show of sorts anyway.

There are some people in Washington who believe the coronavirus pandemic is an example of why the entire country needs to move toward a complete “vote by mail” system. One of those people is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who said doing so would give people a safe way to elect politicians at a time when social distancing measures are still in place.

As she told MSNBC on Tuesday:

“In terms of elections, I think we’ll probably be moving to vote by mail. That’s why we wanted to have more resources in this third bill that just was signed by the president, to get those resources to the states to facilitate the reality of life: that we are going to have to have more vote by mail.”