Democrat Official Jailed After Pulling Knife On Trump Supporters (REPORT)

( A Democrat official who pulled a knife on members of an Oregon Women for Trump convoy back in October had been indicted on charges of Menacing, a Class A midemeanor, and Unlawful Use of A Weapons, a class C felony. Clayton Callahan was finally indicted for his horrible crime two months after the incident took place after the case was brought to a grand jury.

It’s a wild story but, unfortunately, one that doesn’t seem all that surprising these days.

Who would have thought that violence from Democrats towards Republicans would become commonplace?

Back in October, Oregon Women for Trump tweeted a photograph of Callahan brandishing a knife at Republicans while in Portland.

“We were approached and threatened by a knife wielding democrat leader from Washington Co. Democrat party!” the Trump supporters wrote.

There’s footage of the incident, too. The video makes it very clear that the Democrat official threatened Trump supporters with a knife, and you can see it below.

But incredibly, members of the press attempted to paint Callahan as a…victim?

Writing for The Oregonian, Maxine Bernstein made the inexcusable claim that Callahan might have just been trying to go shopping.

“Clayton Callahan, the driver of the Subaru with a Biden bumper sticker on the back, says he was just trying to turn into a convenience store to get some picnic supplies,” Bernstein wrote.

Sure. If getting picnic supplies involves brandishing a knife and waving it at political opponents.

“Callahan said he’s sorry he flipped off one of the caravan supporters outside a convenience store but otherwise was minding his own business until confronted and sought to protect himself. He said he plans to fight the allegation in court,” Bernstein continued, before saying that “each remains convinced they were in the right.”

Thankfully, a court of law rightly held Callahan accountable for committing a violent and threatening act.