D.C. Mayor Travels To Restricted State For Biden-Harris Speeches, Says She Doesn’t Have To Quarantine Upon Return

(FreedomJournal.org)- Apparently, Washington, D.C.’s quarantine orders do not apply to Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser.

On Monday, the mayor issued even more travel rules for residents of the District, but she also said she wouldn’t be quarantining after she traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, to attend President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ victory celebration.

Delaware finds itself on D.C.’s list of “high-risk” states. This means that residents of the District are required to quarantine for a total of 14 days once they return from any “nonessential” travel to any of the 45 states on the list. Bowser, though, claims that she’s exempted from that rule because she met in her “official capacity” as the mayor with Biden’s campaign officials.

The mayor also said she’s exempt from getting mandatory coronavirus testing. Her office did say she’s tested regularly, though, as are all her staff — some of whom went with her on the trip.

Somehow, though, she tried on Monday to urge residents to follow all of her guidelines closely.

This isn’t the first time that Bowser’s extremely strict coronavirus rules have been the subject of either a lawsuit or controversy, though. There were plenty of demonstrations for Black Lives Matter going on at the same time that churches in the District were being banned from assembling outside. Eventually, a federal court overruled Bowser’s order, saying it created a substantial burden to the freedom of religion.

Now, Bowser is taking some heat for her trip to Wilmington, and her insistence that she’s exempted from the rules. Mark Seagraves, a reporter for NCB 4 Washington, tweeted:

“DC @MayorBowser & staff attended @JoeBiden victory speech in Wilmington, DE Saturday, Delaware on the Mayor’s list of ‘High Risk’ states which would require quarantine after returning. Bowser staff says the trip was ‘essential travel’ exempted under Mayor’s order.”

Bowser gets around her own extremely stringent rules by labeling her travel “essential,” and then setting not as strict requirements for this type of travel — even if it’s to one of the states on the District’s “high-risk” states. There are still some requirements on those who travel for “essential” reasons, such as having those people “limit daily activities and self-monitor.”

Bowser’s office hasn’t directly said what the mayor or the staff who traveled with her to Wilmington will do to “self-monitor” or “limit daily activities.” The only thing her office would do is release a statement from Latoya Foster, the mayor’s communications director, which said:

“On Saturday, Mayor Bowser attended the remarks of the President-elect and the Vice President-elect and met with a few people on their team. She went on Saturday evening and returning the same evening for this essential travel.”

One has to question how “essential” this travel really was, though. Could the “meeting” she had with Biden’s campaign team not have been done over video conferencing apps? Or, in D.C. when the team will inevitably travel there?

Or, did Bowser — as it’s very likely — just really want to relish in the celebrations like the other liberals breaking local coronavirus restrictions?