Crowd Roars As Trump Defiantly Returns

( On Monday, President Donald Trump surprised West Palm Beach supporters on Presidents Day, driving his motorcade through a rally expressing their support for the 45th president.

President Donald Trump might have left the White House, but his supporters haven’t left him.

More than 600 fans of the former president waved and cheered as Trump drove by wearing golfing clothes and a cap, giving the thumbs-up through the window of an SUV.

The surprise rally in support of Donald Trump took place between Southern Boulevard and Parker Avenue, close to the I-95 highway.

According to WPEC, organizers gathered to celebrate “America’s greatest president,” filling the streets of West Palm Beach and waving flags in support. As the former president drove through the crowd, supporters could be heard chanting “We love Trump!” and “USA!”

It’s not the first time the president has surprised his supporters with a drive-by appearance, choosing to get in his vehicle after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and driving past crowds of supports who gathered outside of the hospital where he was being treated.

The former president was acquitted by the Senate on Saturday after a second impeachment hearing, during which the Democrats attempted – and failed – to paint him as an instigator of the January 6 Capitol Hill riots. Democrats used doctored evidence, including selectively edited video footage and doctored tweets, to imply that the former president encouraged people to violently riot and illegally enter the Capitol Building.

However, Senators voted to acquit the president, given that evidence showed him encouraging his supporters to march “peacefully and patriotically” on the day that the violence erupted.

Having now been acquitted, the president is reportedly considering a new rally tour across the country, promoting primary challengers of elected Republican officials who voted to convict him, or who stood in the way of the Make America Great Again agenda in recent years.