CONFIRMED: White House Exploring Options to Hold China Accountable Over Coronavirus

(FreedomJournal.Org)- After weeks of rumors about the Whiter House looking at options to hold China accountable for the spread of the coronavirus, it has not finally been confirmed.

Jared Kushner, a senior administration official, adviser to the president, and husband to Ivanka Trump told Fox News on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is looking at options to hold the country accountable for the deaths of thousands and the collapse of the world economy.

Kushner said while Trump is “obviously focused on the response” to the ongoing pandemic, he is also investigating whether China and the World Health Organization conspired to hide the viral outbreak from the rest of the world.

“He has asked the team to look into, very carefully what happened, how this got here,” Kushner said. “He will take whatever actions are necessary to make sure that the people who caused the problems are held accountable for it.

The Daily Caller reports that a senior official from the White House confirmed the directive mentioned by Kushner, but did not provide further detail.

The idea of holding China accountable has been circulating for some time. Before the economy collapsed quite as bad as it did in recent weeks, British think tank the Henry Jackson Society published a report that argued China should be sued for trillions of dollars to make up for the economic damages to G7 nations.

A civil lawsuit filed by Florida company the Berman Law Group was also revealed in March that seeks massive financial compensation from the governing Chinese Communist Party. A spokesman for Berman, Jeremy Alters, told the press that the investigations made by the government expose what their lawsuit has argued from the start.

“The administration is taking the necessary steps to get to the bottom of China/CCP’s failure to properly contain the virus and the international suppression of information allowing for the proliferation of the virus worldwide,” Alters said. “This investigation will expose what we have been saying from the beginning when we at Berman Law Group were first to file a class-action lawsuit vs China/CCP – and we fully support the efforts.”

Peter Navarro, the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, has also stepped up rhetoric against China in recent weeks. On Monday, he accused China of delivering faulty antibody tests to the United States and hoarding much of the world’s supply of medical and personal protective equipment.

The United Kingdom received the same antibody tests – some 3.5 million of them – which turned out not to work.

Soon enough, China is going to have to face the consequences and many countries will be looking for compensation.