China DID Hide Coronavirus Severity, U.S. Intel Just Confirmed It

(FreedomJournal.Org)- United States intelligence just confirmed what everyone has been saying for months. Communist Chinese officials did hide the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak from the early days, not just under-reporting the total number of cases in the country but also the number of deaths.

In a classified report delivered to the White House, the American intelligence community claims China continues to lie about the number of cases within their borders.

The report describes how the Chinese government chose to hide the extent of the initial outbreak in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province, where the virus originated. Before the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global pandemic, officials in Beijing frantically attempted to cover the story up before foreign governments learned about the disease.

Failing to accurately report the disease to the global community, however, ultimately resulted in the uncontrollable spread of the virus.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported how unnamed officials confirmed the existence of a report given to the White House. The officials refused to give full details about the contents of the report but did confirm that it proves how the death count and infection rate in China were both significantly higher than the numbers released by the country.

“Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake,” Bloomberg reported. “The report was received by the White House last week, one of the officials said.”

The first case of coronavirus was first detected in China in mid-November, last year. For weeks afterwards, the country’s government continued to ignore the possibility of asymptomatic cases, revealing flawed methodology for counting cases of the disease. It was only this week that China finally added more than 1,500 asymptomatic cases to its list of infected.

As other countries were affected by the virus, the numbers coming out of China became increasingly dubious. Now, we know for certain that the Chinese attempted to cover it up.

Last month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed China for an “intentional disinformation campaign,” which caused tension with the Chinese government.

They don’t like the truth much!