CENSORSHIP: Facebook REMOVES Trump Campaign Ads

(FreedomJournal.com) – Social media platform Facebook is known for its inherent bias against conservatives, but few believed the site would be foolish enough to censor campaign ads from the president.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Facebook has removed several Trump campaign advertisements which direct users to the 2020 Congressional District Census. They were regular political advertisements that encouraged people to provide information about their concerns and voting intentions in the run-up to the election.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook removed the perfectly legitimate campaign advertisements because they believe it violates their policy in spreading disinformation.


A spokesperson for Facebook explained that this was the first time the platform had removed a campaign aid, because “There are policies to prevent confusion around the U.S. Census, and this is an example of those being enforced.”

The advertisements made it very clear what they were. Users were directed to a fundraising website for President Trump’s re-election campaign, and explicitly told people, “The information we gather from this survey will help us craft our strategies for YOUR CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.”

At no point did the advertisements suggest that this had anything to do with the 2020 census.

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee paid for the advertisements, which is a joint effort from the Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

2020 will see the most Americans respond to the census online rather than in paper, meaning Facebook and other social media platforms are being particularly vigilant. The social media giant has been the focus of much criticism in recent years over the way it handles political campaigns after Democrats accused Russian operatives of using social media to influence the campaign. Facebook, therefore, may simply be overreacting in fear that people might believe they are responding to the census.

Or, Facebook might be responding to the accusations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Speaking before the ads were removed, Pelosi said, “This is, on the part of Facebook, a robust unacceptable interference in the census.”

She did not explain, however, how the ads in any way affect the outcome of the census.

The clear explanation on the Trump fundraising website made it very obvious that it was not the census.

Facebook’s decision to ban the ads begs the question of whether political campaigns are allowed to ask voters questions before the census is over.