Californians Break Lockdown Rules, Thousands Flock to Beaches to Enjoy Sunshine

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Americans are getting tired of the lockdown orders, and while some choose to protest, others choose to simply head out to the beaches and enjoy the warm weather. Thousands of Californians flocked to open beaches on Friday enjoying the heatwave, surfing and sunbathing.

Newport Beach and Huntington Beach were booming with activity, and remained busy over the weekend, despite Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders for residents to stay at home.

Some of the beachgoers respected social distancing rules, staying six feet away from one another. Others didn’t, with many seen not wearing masks and crowding together.

Local officials aren’t happy about it. Huntington Beach Officer Angela Bennett expressed her frustration about the situation, telling a local news outlet that she hops visitors will respect residents.

“We’re trying to ask people to maybe put themselves in our residents’ position and think about the fact that our residents also have limited parking,” she said.

Interesting that she goes for the parking angle and not the fact that…they’re breaking the rules!

Lifeguards in the Newport Beach area estimate that around 40,000 people were on the beach on Friday, which is double the number of people seen the day before. It’s a huge spike, but it means people have been ignoring Newsom’s rules for some time already.

Beaches have been left open in Orange County after the region’s board of supervisors decided to leave outdoor spaces open to ensure people can exercise. Parking, however, was suspended to try and avoid too many people using the space or coming from too far away. However, over in Los Angeles County, beaches are completely closed. Officials requested that residents didn’t leave their county to exercise, but it looks like people aren’t listening.

With more than 40,000 cases of coronavirus so far and more than 1,700 deaths, the coronavirus is definitely still spreading and killing in the state.

Governor Newsom faces increasing calls to start reopening the state economy, but he will need to do so within the framework set out recently by the federal government. If the state can prove that infection rates are going down and the state hospital system is capable of dealing with a surge in admission, stores, bars, and restaurants may soon start reopening.