California Criminal Chokes Child MINUTES After Release From Prison

( Last a week, a California man was arrested for attempting to steal a car from a woman and then choking her young child just minutes after he was released from prison. It comes at a time when politicians are advocating the early release of thousands of prisoners across the country, despite many of them, like this man, posing a serious risk to the safety of the general public.

28-year-old Daniel Orozco was released from Monterey County Jail in California after serving time for driving while under the influence of drugs. He was found driving dangerously on the wrong side of the road, but even after spending time locked up, he didn’t learn his lessons and went on to commit a new crime literally ten minutes after stepping foot outside prison.

According to officials from the Salinas Police Department, Orozco allegedly grabbed a woman and dragged out of her car in a parking lot. The driver refused to hand over her keys to the car, which resulted in Orozco grabbing her 11-year-old son and choking him. The mother then gave Orozco her keys and pulled her son out of the car, and Orozco fled the scene in the vehicle.

“The female gave her keys up and pulled her child out of the car before Orozco fled the scene,” a statement from Salinas Police reads on Facebook. “With help from #chpmonterey and Gonzales Police Department he was arrested along Highway 101. Orozco was again booked into county jail for carjacking, kidnapping, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. #teamwork #backtojail.”

Orozco had only been locked up overnight and was released after sobering up, but will now serve more time in prison while he awaits trial for his second serious offence.

The incident may lead people to wonder why New York police, California police, and departments across the rest of the country continue to release prisoners early because of the threat of the coronavirus. In New York, dozens of inmates who were released early have already been rearrested for crimes as serious as robbing banks.