Bureau Of Prisons Defends Ghislaine Maxwell’s Jail Conditions (REPORT)

(FreedomJournal.org)- The Federal Bureau of Prisons hit back at claims from Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers on Monday, describing how she is in “good health” and that she remains a healthy 134 pounds in weight. It comes after her legal team claimed she was in poor health and losing her hair as a result of her conditions while in prison.

Attorneys representing the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where Maxwell is being held over charges relating to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking activity, said that she is being treated just like any other prisoner. Maxwell’s attorneys, however, have published lashed out at the “onerous” terms of her imprisonment.

According to the British socialite’s lawyers, the suicide of her long-time partner and alleged co-conspirator Jeffrey Epstein has resulted in Maxwell being monitored more frequently than other prisoners. Last month, the press reported how Ghislaine couldn’t sleep as she was being woken up with a torch several times an hour.

Sophia Papapetru, an attorney representing the prisons, counteracted everything her team has said so far.

“Since Ms. Maxwell’s arrival, she has been provided three meals a day in accordance with BOP policy and its National Menu,” she said in a letter to New York federal Judge Alison Nathan.

She also described how her weight fluctuates two pounds above and below 134 pounds.

In a letter to the judge, Ghislaine Maxwell complained about prison officers checking on her every 15 minutes, and how she was unable to participate in activities with other inmates in the general population, including watching movies.

However, the lawyers from the prisons bureau said that Maxwell can access the common areas in the prison between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., meaning she can use the television, showers, computers, and recreational space.

Maxwell is even allowed 500 minutes per month of social phone calls, while the jail lawyers said she has used. She is also permitted to snack on commissary food upon returning to her cell at night and never goes cold as the temperature is frequently checked.

It might not be the luxury lifestyle she’s used to…but it hardly sounds like hell, does it?