Bloomberg: Open Borders “Solution To Our Problems”

( – Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been hit by the unearthing of multiple recordings of him from 2011, in which he made racially insensitive comments that would disqualify anyone from the Democratic race if they didn’t have billions of dollars in the bank.

More recent videos released from 2016, however, are helping him scrape back his progressive (and extreme!) credentials. Footage obtained from during the bitterly-fought 2016 presidential election shows the former New York City mayor claiming that the solution to America’s problems is “more open borders, not closed borders.”

Um, what?

The footage comes from a discussion at the University of Oxford in England, in which Bloomberg discussed hot political issues like socialism, transgenderism, and of course, his arch-nemesis President Donald Trump.

Throughout the discussion, Bloomberg made a series of extremely progressive comments that seemed remarkably different from the values he expressed during his time as the mayor of New York City.

It looks like Bloomberg’s hatred for President Trump got the better of him, and this interview was the beginning of his “woke” awakening!

On the topic of immigration, Bloomberg chose to advocate the opposite position to Trump, explaining, “The solution to our problems is more open borders, not closed borders. The solution to our problem is to improve education, not to try to penalize people because they are successful, If you don’t have successful people, you’re never going to have the wear-with-all to support, help those who are not. We tried socialism, it doesn’t work.”

Bloomberg, who is reported to be considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate, even took the former First Lady to task suggesting she wasn’t the best candidate for the 2016 race.

“That was a guy, Bernie Sanders, who would have beaten Donald Trump,” he said. “Polls show he would have walked away with it. But Hillary Clinton got the nomination for a variety of reasons.”

He didn’t mention what reasons. I think we all know!

However, that didn’t mean Bloomberg supported Sanders’ extreme economic policy.

“Young people listened to Bernie Sanders and they said, ‘yeah, democratic…that’s good. Socialism…yeah that’s that social media stuff,” he said.

Senator Sanders, interestingly, probably would have disagreed with Bloomberg about open borders back in 2016. In the race against Clinton, Sanders was heard describing open borders as a “Koch brothers proposal.” Even the left-wing press went after him for it.

This time around, Sanders is on exactly the same page as Bloomberg. The pair repeat the “open borders good!” mantra, much to the applause and celebration of the Democrats’ new far-left base.