Biden’s Potential Leadership Nominees Include Head Of Huge California Labor Fraud, Anti-Israel Advocate

( President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly close to adding even more controversial people to important positions within his administration.

One of the frontrunners to serve as the Labor Secretary in his Cabinet is Julie Su. She’s the secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency in California. She oversaw the distributions of almost $1 billion in fraudulent pandemic unemployment benefits to prison inmates and convicts.

According to prosecutors, the agency paid out these fraudulent benefits for more than 35,000 claims that were filed between March and August. The benefits were filed under the names of prison inmates in the California state prison system. Two of those people were serial killers who killed at least eight people. Another was Scott Peterson, who in 2004 was convicted for killing his wife, who was pregnant at the time.

It’s “one of the biggest fraud of taxpayer dollars in California history,” the district attorney from Sacramento County said this week.

In addition to the outright fraud, unemployment payments for almost 2 million residents of California were substantially delayed in the early stages of the pandemic. This resulted in millions of people having to go through unnecessary financial difficulties.

Su said she was responsible for those logistical delays. In April, she said she had to “own the things that we are not doing right,” and fix the problems at the agency.

A district attorney who is leading the task force that’s investigating this fraud said the “vast majority” of the money that was paid out will never be recouped.

Biden’s controversial selections don’t stop there, though. His apparent leading candidate to be the White House press secretary is a vocal critic of Israel. Karine Jean-Pierre is apparently the “top candidate” for that important job.

In addition to serving as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ chief of staff, Jean-Pierre was also a national spokeswoman for, which is a far-left group that is anti-Israel. That organization has consistently defended boycotts of the Jewish state.

She has even gone as far as to accuse Israel of committing “war crimes.” She celebrated other Democrats who boycotted the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Jean-Pierre praised those who boycotted for “boldly choosing to prioritize diplomacy and human rights over the power of a lobbying organization.”

In fact, during the Democratic primary, MoveOn started a campaign calling for the boycott of not just AIPAC’s conference, but on the organization itself. The group also endorsed very anti-Israel members of the House of Representatives who were up for re-election in November — Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Jean-Pierre has even criticized the Trump administration of sabotaging the Iran nuclear deal. In 2019, she wrote an opinion article in Newsweek that said AIPAC “supported the group that’s credited with inspiring President Trump to enact the Muslim Ban and has been known to spread anti-Muslim racism.”

Of course, Jean-Pierre refused to name the group, instead choosing to only attack AIPAC for hosting the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, at its conference.