Biden Taps Two Top Sanders Allies To Create His Platform’s Economic Policy

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is turning to his biggest challenger, socialist Bernie Sanders, for guidance on the economy.
Two of Sanders’ top allies will lead an advisory group that will be in charge of shaping Biden’s 2020 agenda on the economy. This is one of the “unity task forces” that will be formed between the Biden and Sanders camp, as Biden seeks to gain Sanders’ followers, while Sanders hopes to move Biden further to the left.
One of the appointments to the economic advisory group is Stephen Kelton, who served as Sanders’ economic adviser during both his 2016 and 2020 campaigns. She’s an economist at Stony Brook University and has often said the government can afford to pay for expensive programs such as the Green New Deal, which has a price tag of roughly $94 trillion.
The other appointee is Sara Nelson, who serves as the president of the Association of Flight Attendants. Nelson has been mentioned as a possible candidate in 2021 to replace the leader of the AFL-CIO, which is a far-left organization.
Sanders’ aim to gain influence within the Democratic Party by remaining on ballots for primary elections even after he suspended his campaign was thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic. As states have cancelled or pushed back their primary elections, it has hurt Sanders’ ability to pick up more delegates.
But Sanders does have the opportunity to capture Biden’s attention and potentially directly influence his policies as he prepares to challenge President Donald Trump in the November General Election. Biden and Sanders announced last month they would be forming joint task forces to create the official policies for Biden’s campaign in a number of areas, including the economy.
Sanders said the economic advisory group will have the ability to move Democrats in a “transformational and progressive direction.” And Biden said the task forces “will be essential to identifying ways to build on our progress” and “transform our country.”
Kelton has advocated “Modern Monetary Theory” in the past. Basically, she believes the government shouldn’t worry about the deficit and should print more money to pay for progressive policies. The theory has gotten support from other politicians such as progressive New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
In the past, Kelton has said of the theory:
“There’s so much pressure on candidates to pay for everything. I don’t see anyone — I mean, I’ll just be honest, I don’t really see any presidential candidates putting forward ambitious agendas and saying, ‘We’re not going to try to pay for any of this.'”
Politico Magazine has reported that Nelson “rejects the current labor leadership’s moderate approach,” calling on the unions to push for “progressive topics that have as much to do with embarrassing Trump as they do with labor issues.”
In a December profile of Nelson, Politico wrote:
“Nelson, however, is not interested in pulling the factions back together. She wants to repudiate Trump — and, implicitly, rank-and-file members of the AFL-CIO who support him for his trade policies and broader war on establishment elites.”