Biden Inauguration Gives Back Donation After It’s Linked To China

(FreedomJournal)- Joe Biden’s transition team and campaign was forced to give back a donation after it was linked to China.

Once can only wonder whether the donation would have ever been returned if the media and Republicans hadn’t picked up on this, given Biden’s long history of appeasing the Chinese Communist Party.

The Biden-Harris inaugural committee refunded a donation of $500 from former California Senator Barbara Boxer after it was revealed that she had registered as a foreign agent for a Chinese company. If that wasn’t weird enough, the company Boxer worked is responsible for monitoring the concentration camps that currently house Uyghur Muslims.

A report from Axios on Tuesday revealed how Boxer, who preceded Senator Kamala Harris of California, had registered as having provided “strategic consulting services” to an American subsidiary business of Hikvision, a Chinese firm.

Hikvision is one of almost two dozen Chinese companies that have been identified by the Pentagon as either being owned by the Chinese military or has strong ties to the Communist People’s Liberation Army.

The Democrats choose their friends well, huh?

The list of companies, which also included technology firm Huawei, on a blacklist back in October 2019. It meant that these firms could no longer purchase any components from American companies without the U.S. federal government’s prior approval. It effectively drove Huawei out of the American smartphone market and made it difficult for the Chinese company to compete globally in the lucrative smartphone business.

Hikvision, the company which Boxer is connected to, is run by China Electric Technology Group, a state-owned tech company. Cameras produced by Hikvision are used in the Xinjiang camps whereover a million Uyghur Muslims are held in what can only be described in the West as concentration camps.

Boxer told Axios prior to the publishing of their report that she gave advice to the Chinese company.

“When I am asked to provide strategic advice to help a company operate in a more responsible and humane manner consistent with U.S. law in spirit and letter, it is an opportunity to make things better while helping protect and create American jobs,” she claimed.

So far, the Biden inaugural committee has not provided much in the way of explanation for why they have such close links to politicians who profit from China’s human rights violations.