Biden Florida Lead VANISHES Overnight As Trump Leads By Three Points

( After several polls were published showing Joe Biden with a double-digit lead in the swing state of Florida, a brand new poll shows that the reality might be quite different. The InsiderAdvantage and Fox35 poll showed that Biden has 46% support in the state compared to Joe Biden’s 43%.

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson took home 1% in the poll.

Some 400 likely Florida voters were asked about their voting intentions between October 6 and 7. Asking likely voters rather than registered voters makes an important difference, as the result with registered voters will likely be different on election day as many registered voters often choose not to turn out.

Interestingly, the poll was also taken after President Donald Trump left the Walter Reed National Medical Center following his COVID-19 diagnosis. President Donald Trump spent the weekend in the hospital but was quickly allowed to return to the White House after recovering quickly. The president was treated with an experimental antibody cocktail produced by Regeneron, which he has since promised to deliver to all Americans for free with the help of the military.

The three-point lead in Florida is great news for President Trump, though it is within the 4.9% margin of error.

The prospect of a “Shy Trump Vote” could play a huge role in polls like this, however.

Pollster Matt Towery, Sr. said that the results mean that Florida “remains up for grabs” but that it is “pure folly” to paint Florida blue or red on any projected map.

Towery, who is the founder of InsiderAdvantage, described how support for President Donald Trump has grown substantially among the black community, and that many other polls – he believes – are not accounting for this.

“Once again, based on poor data and or weighting, many of the polls we are seeing simply are not picking up the actual level of support for President Trump,” he said. “What stands out in this poll is that Trump is actually picking up 12% of the African American vote in the Sunshine State.”

Winning Florida is almost certainly necessary for the president to win the White House. The state has 29 important electoral votes that could tip him over the 270 mark.