Biden Fielded ZERO Questions from Media About Tara Reade Sex Abuse Allegations in Three Weeks

(FreedomJournal.Org)- According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is still being given an easy time by the national media despite having been accused of sexually abusing a former staffer. The report shows how Biden has yet to answer a media question, in three weeks, about the accusations made against him.

Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer, alleges that Biden stopped her in a corridor before touching her, kissing her, and even penetrating her with his fingers without her permission. Reade alleges that the incident took place in 1993, and that Biden even blamed her for the interaction by saying he had heard she liked him.

Ever since Reade made the allegation, however, Biden has taken 81 questions across 20 hours of press interviews and not one of those questions has related to the incident. Why is that?

The only person from the Biden campaign who has been seen answering the question is deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield. She has been tasked with responding to the claims and completing the impossible task of squaring his denial with the fact that he once said we should “believe all women.”

“What is clear about this claim: it is untrue,” Bedingfield said. “This absolutely not happen.”

So…don’t believe all women, right?

Reade is serious about the allegations. This month, she filed the incident with Washington, D.C. police. Though the crime happened too long ago for any police action to be taken, the move was seen as confirmation that Reade is very serious about the fact that it happened.

It seems that the media is on Biden’s side. Not only are they refusing to ask him questions about it, The New York Times published a shocking story that, while acknowledging several incidents of women feeling uncomfortable by Biden’s actions, also suggested that they found no evidence of a “pattern” of behavior.

The Times said that, while many women have said they were made to feel uncomfortable by the way they were touched by Biden, their own investigations did not find evidence of a pattern of behavior that might imply the Reade story is true. The backlash was so extreme that the New York Times retracted the tweet and changed the story.

People didn’t forget, though. Human Events editor-in-chief Will Chamberlain responded, “You mean this tweet?”

Are we heading for another stitch up in this year’s presidential election? Another case of the people versus the media?