Biden Accuser Faces ONSLAUGHT of Online Harassment from Angry Democrats

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Remember the days when the Democrats said you should believe all women? Oh, how different things are now…

Former Senate staffer Tara Reade, who recently went public about her accusations against presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, is facing an onslaught of abuse from Democrats who aren’t happy with her. Reade alleges that Biden sexually assaulted her in a corridor in 1993, touching and kissing her, and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent.

During an interview with Fox News on Saturday, Reade explained just how much abuse she has received since coming forward with her story.

“I find it astounding, the hypocrisy that Democrats are talking about women being able to tell their story safely,” Reade explained. “I’m a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, but yer here I am trying to talk about my history with Joe Biden and I’m just the target of online harassment.”

A Fox News report looked at some of the abuse that Reade has received in recent weeks, and it’s shocking. Reade says that the home address of one of her family members has been shared and spread all over the Internet, with that family member also receiving several “creepy” phone calls on Friday night. The calls occurred within a half-hour period and all came from an unknown number.

Fox News also obtained two voice messages, addressed to Reade, in which a caller can be heard pretending to be a reporter.

“Hi Ms. Reade, this is Dave Johnson from the Observer, a small New York newspaper,” the voice says, before laughing and saying “Trump 2020” and “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

It is unclear whether the callers were Democrats pretending to be republicans, Republicans abusing Reade for being a Democrat, or just online trolls trying to cause distress.

An email sent to Reade from somebody calling themselves “Linda Dubois” also called Reade a “f*cking whore” and a “disgrace to womanhood.”

“You are a rip-roaring b*tch and the great majority of Americans don’t believe you anyhow…I hope you drop dead,” Dubois also said in the email.

This is how Democrats respond when you stand up to one of their leaders.

Even big-name Twitter users are joining the pile on. A former Biden associate, Jon Cooper, took to twitter to dismiss Reade’s behavior as “unbalanced” or “malicious.”

Why doesn’t Reade get the same respect that Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser did?