Bette Midler Claims Richard Grenell and Lindsey Graham Are “In Love”


( – Bette Midler has become a particularly nasty left-wing activist and commentator in recent years, regularly posting scathing attacks and insults about President Donald Trump on Twitter. Now, she’s even going after Senator Lindsey Graham, making homophobic smears about the Republican lawmaker and suggesting he is in a relationship with Ambassador Richard Grenell.

Grenell recently became the first-ever openly gay cabinet appointee, courtesy of President Trump.

In an unhinged tweet, the singer and actress referred to Senator Graham as a “Southern Belle” and “Linseedy Graham”, and wrote, poetically, about a love affair between the two men that exists only in her twisted mind. It’s quite astonishing when Democrats make homophobic and racist slurs against Republicans who they don’t like, without realizing the total hypocrisy of it.

“Linseedy Graham, that Southern ham, he’s got a secret, oh yes ma’am,” she wrote.

“The truth is coming out and soon, Seed’s in love with a Trump goon!” she added.

In what world is it acceptable to use homophobic slurs against Republicans…or anyone?

Midler wasn’t cryptic about who she meant by a “Trumpy goon,” as she posted a picture of the new Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, with the poem.

Within 24 hours the post had been “liked” almost 3,000 times, with more than a thousand people taking to the replies and making their opinions heard. Midler’s attacks are by no means universally popular, with even some Democrats opposing her attack.

However, the number of people supporting the post would shock many. Seemingly normal accounts, including one representing a New Orleans music events company, even took part in the homophobic bullying. “He is very much in touch with his feminine side,” the account wrote.

Another wrote, “Him being a closet case isn’t a secret.”

I thought Democrats were meant to be compassionate about coming out?