AOC: Trump’s “Xenophobic” Comments Stop People Going to Hospitals

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Sometimes it feels like AOC is testing our limits, but she really does seem to believe this stuff. In a recent tweet, the Democratic New York congresswoman claimed that people in Queens, which is in her constituency, are scared to go to the hospital because of “xenophobic” comments made by the president.


“Corona, Queens is the most heavily COVID-impacted zip code in America,” AOC tweeted. “I can tell you 1st hand that many ppl are too scared to go to the hospital & continue to work bc of Trump’s xenophobic COVID response.”

To those who don’t dig deep into what AOC is actually saying, the claim is baffling. For those who have listened to hours of her online live stream ramblings, it is still confusing. One of the things that the far-left congresswoman suggests is xenophobic is the president’s alleged targeting of the “Asian community in his rhetoric & TV ads.”

It’s an interesting claim, given that the president has explicitly said during several daily press briefings that he does not blame the Chinese people or even Chinese Americans, but the communist Chinese government. AOC also suggests that the lack of translations for public health mandates into languages other than English is xenophobic, too.

You can’t make this stuff up.

She’s not the only person to have accused the president of xenophobia, either. Former Vice President and presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referred to the president’s China travel ban as “xenophobia” during a campaign rally earlier this year.

A slew of journalists and columnists have also made the claim, including the Washington Post, which reported that the use of the term “Chinese virus” encourages racism.