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About Freedom Journal

Tired of the same old news every single day? Frustrated by mainstream bias and political spin? Look no further than Freedom Journal. Our pledge is to bring you daily news that shines light on the cold, hard facts surrounding the day’s most important stories. Our mission is to protect our readers from misinformation while protecting them from fake news and an assault on their senses.

We believe in traditional core values – a limited government, your individual liberties, freedom of speech, self-reliance, your right to bear arms, and so much more. We believe in the sanctity of life and hold family values dear to our hearts. We know our readers have a wide variety of personal beliefs and we honor your right to both philosophical and religious freedom.

The editors here at Freedom Journal spend hours each day curating and fact checking the day’s news to bring you the most impactful stories possible. We want you to start your day feeling up-to-date on what’s happening across the country, and in other areas of the world. We believe in freedom of press and value truth in reporting, integrity, and of course the trust you place in us each day.

Freedom Journal’s loyal readers deserve nothing but the best. We know how passionate you are about seeking honesty and justice. We’re driven to relentlessly seek the truth in order to bring you the most important, accurate news possible.

Watch your inbox daily for regular updates from Freedom Journal. Have questions or concerns? Have a hot tip you think we should pursue? Never hesitate to reach out to us. You can do so by replying to one of our daily news sends or by emailing today(at)freedomjournal.com. We promise to read every message and take your feedback to heart.

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